Ambassadors of Human-Centered Design in Hungary

During the past years customer expectations and needs extremely changed related with products and services. It’s not enough anymore “only” provide a service, carefully designed customer experience is required.

Let’s see what kind of design principles we should take in consideration:

  1. Your service is your product
  2. Design with people for people
  3. Empathy
  4. Creative conversation breaks silos
  5. Talk business

You can no longer plan for the future, but you can be prepared

Design innovation Ambassadors of Human Centered Design in Hungary

In 2013 with the enthusiastic designer, Szilard Szakacs we created Budapest Design Jams (non-profit organization) as part of the movement of Global Jams. Fortunately we found more and more collaborators (UX designers and Design Thinking coaches from SAP Hungary, Kitchen Budapest and Cellux Group) and our community on Facebook has more and more open-minded members.

 As ambassadors of Human-centered Design we dedicate time to highlight its role in the education with the help and collaboration of other professionals.

 Let’s see some past events from 2014:


Upcoming events:

We are organizing more events for autumn of 2014.

More details coming soon…

thatswhywejam Ambassadors of Human Centered Design in Hungary

About Reka Barath

CEO & Service designer at Inspiration4

Retail designer and entrepreneur interested in brand-building and innovative solutions applying Design Thinking. My aim is to help companies to develop innovative and creative solutions for their current problem or challenge.
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