Are you ready to innovate? Become a partner of an Innovation Program in Brazil

I had the opportunity to know Ljubow Chaikevitch, member of a non-profit-organization called deople Network e.V. in Germany.  She was really enthusiastic about an official non-profit-project called “Design Thinking in Brazil”.  They are organizing it with the co-operation of a group of coaches and certified Design Thinkers from the HPI School of Design Thinking. Their aim is to bring Design Thinking to the University of Sao Paolo in Sao Carlos.

sao carlos Are you ready to innovate? Become a partner of an Innovation Program in Brazil

It really grabbed my attention and I wanted to know more about the project!

They are organizing a six-week Design Thinking workshop for students from October 18th until November 30th and currently they are looking for project partners and sponsors for this workshop from all over the world. There are many benefits they offer to project partners:

  • Through a user-oriented innovation project at the best university in Brazil and Latin America (Nr.1 QS-Rating) potential project partners will be able to understand their target group better. The results of the project might be new products or services for the Brazilian market. During this process Design Thinking is used as a mindset and methodology.
  • Project partners will receive at least two innovative, creative and thoroughly developed solutions for a current problem or challenge facing their company or organization. Two interdisciplinary, multicultural teams of five chosen, highly-qualified students will work on a challenge set by them. In addition to the solutions, they will receive a project documentation which will include valuable insights about their current process as well as about their target group.
  • In case a company/organization decides to support this non-profit-project we would display the company´s logo on all our online- and print media. Moreover, companies will get a chance to present themselves to the students as a potential employer. Additionally, we will provide the project partners with photo- and video material, which can be used for CSR or presswork.

You can participate in a fantastic project and work with an interdisciplinary, multicultural team of motivated students. It’s a good start to generate new innovative solutions which are closer to your customers’ need.

If you would like to know more details about the project and how become a partner, please contact with Ljubow at ljubow@designthinkinginbrazil.com

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