Branding through Social Media and Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a creative method that can serve us for solving complex problems within our own company. The success of this method consist in achieving better results with a multidisciplinary team which is focused in different kind of fields instead of one or more professionals with the same profile. It’s based on the idea that each professional can contribute fresh insights or different kind of solutions, so mixing them we can achieve an effective solution based in several aspects as user experience or the final customer vision.

applying collaborative innovation to design thinking Branding through Social Media and Design Thinking

What can Design Thinking contribute to web 2.0?

In such case that we have a wide, solid, active and convincing social community we could apply some kind of „suggestions box” in order to encourage our followers direct interaction and engage them to share all their contributions and perspectives regards our products or services. Later with their suitable feedback we can work on modifying them or why not rediscovering our business.

Design Thinking is based on “user centered approach” concept  so it means that we have to think and look through our customer’s eyes. Do you know any better way for doing it that through Social Media?

Although this method seems to be brilliant and effective because through an active listening of our followers on the web 2.0 we can get either economical profit or good brand image in a long term but unfortunately we have to be careful with some aspects as:

  • Our followers are just simple fans but not experts in the matter.
  • If one user doesn´t like something is not a symphton that is valir for everybody.
  • Service or product branding is quite difficult to understand.
  • Users can think that we would like to approach them.

From my side this method is very effective one just in case we have a large and active community in Social Media. Therefore it’s so difficult to understand the branding as it is but let me ask you something: ¿Why people are continuously buying Apple mobiles devices if there are simply current ones? There is just one answer for that and it’s called branding.

Finally I’d like to recommend you to try this method just if you have a large community because if not it can result a difficult process.

About Michal Ryjak

CEO & Brand Communication Manager at Inspiration4

Social Media Consultant, entrepreneur and interested in HR 2.0 as well. Between Spain, Hungary and Poland helping SME's to find out their place on online environments.
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