Budapest Sustainability Jam- Do you want to make a better world?

If your answer is YES, the Jam is a really good opportunity to doing and not talking.

Budapest Sustainability Jam is a face-to-face, high-energy, global design event where you have 48 hours to save the world

On November 22, 2013, people interested in a design-based approach to creativity will meet at locations all over the globe. Everyone is welcome – service designers, object designers, sustainability experts, professors, business people, teachers, hackers. They will have 48 hours to create brand-new real-world ideas which can make that little difference. Or perhaps a big difference – it’s up to them.

Let’s see how is the Jam feeling! icon smile Budapest Sustainability Jam  Do you want to make a better world?

Through the weekend, the participants from Budapest will be linked to other jammers at other sites all over the globe, working in different ways on different answers to the same challenge, sharing problems, advice, and insights. And on Sunday at 3pm, they will publish their results to the world. At the moment 56 cities will participate in Global Sustainability Jam this year! It’s cool, right?

locations Budapest Sustainability Jam  Do you want to make a better world?

Multidisciplinary teams of 4-6 persons will start to work in the same topic which is right now a secret. They will be guided by the mentors and have to opportunity to try the method of Design Thinking during their work. We will have brainstorming, research, photo safari, prototyping, testing and presentations.

global Budapest Sustainability Jam  Do you want to make a better world?

Why to come?

  • If sustainability is your topic…

…come and try to make a better world!  You will have 48 hours!

…know more about what sustainability means for others.

…know new people and have fun!


  • If you are a startupper…

…it’s a good opportunity to know new people with different background and build your network!

…share your project and ask for a feedback.

…experiment this user-centred approach which you can try after in your project.

  • If you are a designer…

…you will like this because it’s about design, creativity and creation.

…it’s a good opportunity to absorb some business knowledge

…you can know a lot creative people with different background and experience

  • If you are a business man…

…quit from the daily routin and spend a weekend with the development of a fantastic project in a holistic team.

…broaden your business network.

…it’s an opportunity to know more about the methodology of Design Thinking which after you can try in your company.

  • If you are a geek…

…come and join this 48 workshop in a really inspiring place collaborating with people from different professional background.

…find the lost piece of the puzzle, know more about how designers think?

…be part of the communication, know other geeks from other parts of the world who are jamming in another city.

  • If you are a student…

…try out how is work in team and collaborate.

…absorb the knowledge what you can and have fun.

…know interesting people from other universities and Budapest.


Bring with you fun, open mind and make more colorful the first Jam in Budapest! We ensure you an inspiring place (@Müszi) and fantastic brainstorm and prototype toolkit by our main sponsor SAP Hungary and Twogo by SAP.

Get your ticket here! Be a jammer!

globalsustainabilityjam Budapest Sustainability Jam  Do you want to make a better world?


sponsor Budapest Sustainability Jam  Do you want to make a better world?

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