Datadate Budapest- The 48 hours urban data workshop

After the success of Budapest Design Jams we decided to go further. We were working hard with UX designers, Product Managers and DT coaches from SAP Hungary on a new concept…

datadatebudapest slide Datadate Budapest  The 48 hours urban data workshop

datadate is a 48 hours workshop for asking questions about open data in a world of decreasing cost of sensors and connectivity. The potential of the massive, ever growing big data is obvious, and we are witnessing the rise of self-organizing networks, redefining the way we see the city and ourselves …

10 reasons to come to datadate budapest

  • Are you a developerdesignerresearcherstudententrepreneurinnovator, or something similar?
  • Are you interested in creative & innovative thinking, urban life, complex systems, new technologies, and design?
  • Are you ready to participate in a weekend of creative, intense, and exciting teamwork?
  • Do you like to decide about your own challenges?
  • Do you have revolutionary new ideas of service, softwarebusiness, or simply the way we live?
  • Would you like to enjoy a learning by doing environment?
  • Do you want to try Design Thinking focused on rapid prototyping and testing?
  • Would you like to try out the groundbreaking SAP HANA platform?
  •  Do you believe you can develop an OpenUI5 application only in a few hours?
  • Maybe you just like to inspire and being inspired?

If you answered most questions “yes”, then you better join us!

Transform data into wisdom, possibilities, services, interfaces, or into the awesomeness you come up with!

Sounds challenging? No worries, you will be guided by SAP’s experts, and mentors from the Department of Urban Planning and Design (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) and Inspiration4.

Gain an insight into our methods and practices!

For more information and registration come and visit our website:



About Reka Barath

CEO & Service designer at Inspiration4

Retail designer and entrepreneur interested in brand-building and innovative solutions applying Design Thinking. My aim is to help companies to develop innovative and creative solutions for their current problem or challenge.
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