DataDate – Urban Data Workshop at SAP AppHaus Budapest

In the middle of October, Inspiration4 and SAP Labs Hungary organized a workshop inviting developers, designers, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and innovators to come together for a weekend to ask questions about open data, Budapest and new technologies.

datadate DataDate – Urban Data Workshop at SAP AppHaus Budapest

The idea of the workshop was based on Budapest Design JAM events
, a global movement initiated by Inspiration4 in Hungary where SAP was  involved as a sponsor . These events are great, exciting experiences that change one’s mindset to a quickly responsive, energetic, and creative state, while enabling innovation in a rapid timescale, only 48 hours.

Our goal was to position SAP in Budapest as a center of innovation from the technology and design point of view, where people from different backgrounds are building new, innovative solutions by using SAP technology (HANA and OpenUI5).

teamwork DataDate – Urban Data Workshop at SAP AppHaus Budapest

So as the main topic of the workshop, we ended up under a big umbrella that contains Budapest, BigData, technology, tendencies innovation and society/community. These key words were the provided guidelines for the participants to start the first ideation on Friday evening. For that we’ created an inspiration wall as a starting point.

keywords DataDate – Urban Data Workshop at SAP AppHaus Budapest

ideawall DataDate – Urban Data Workshop at SAP AppHaus Budapest

We’ had really great partners to organize as well as moderate the event from the Department of Urban Planning and Design (Budapest University of Technology and Economics). From SAP talented developer colleagues and enthusiastic, experienced design thinking coaches helped the teams.

The task of the multidisciplinary groups was to identify a problem in Budapest that they are interested in and with the help of the Design Thinking methodology build a solution that includes big data and SAP technology in 48 hours.

IMG 1662 DataDate – Urban Data Workshop at SAP AppHaus Budapest

Right until the final presentations all the groups worked hard to finalize their projects. It was really interesting to see that only 48 hours was enough to form such great teams, to come up with an idea based on research and lots/a lot of ideation that is really worth bringing alive and which would make the capital of Hungary a better, livable city.  The six projects came up with ideas like employing homeless people to do certain jobs around the house or simply to keep you company when you are lonely, commuting according to your mood in the city based on your biological state scanned by sensors, interactive escalators entertaining people while they are traveling and also providing relevant information about your current route, and google glass as a tool to familiarize ourselves with the city that we live in…

The DataDate workshop turned out to be an excellent opportunity for participants to experience what it is like to work in multidisciplinary groups, and to learn from each other, and for SAP to motivate colleagues and position the location a center of innovation in Budapest.

About the results you can find more details on the event’s website.

datadaters DataDate – Urban Data Workshop at SAP AppHaus Budapest

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