Design Thinking

What is design thinking?

The method we work with is called Design Thinking. It focuses on businesses who need help with innovation. During the process we involve our clients, final users, experts and other stakeholders in order to detect the best way to innovate.

Our process consist in the following 4 stages:

dt folyamat  crop Design Thinking


1. Discover

  • Analyze the problem from the stakeholders’ perspective.
  • Contextualize, market research, trends.

2. Create

  • We detect the origin of the existing problem.
  • Detect and create values during a collaborative brainstorming session with all of the stakeholders.
  • Create insights based on the others ideas.

3. Prototype

  • We select the most innovative concepts and make the first rapid prototypes.
  • We work on the process with all the stakeholders.
  • Our visual methods help our clients understand the re-design process of the provided service from the first moment.

4. Implement

  • We test the prototypes with the target audience in order to detect possible errors during the early design phase.
  • Depending on the needs of the projects we involve other professionals in the process for the proper implementation.