Hello Hungary! Innovation is not an invention

This time I’d like to share with all of you my experiences regards Design Thinking in Hungary. For those who are not familiar it just mention that Design Thinking is a strategical method for developing innovation processes within the companies and it’s very common in the occidental countries in Europe as Germany, UK, Switzerland and Spain among others. In my case I’m living in Hungary but I’m allways travelling within the CEE Region so I can say that Poland, Austria and Czech Republic are over the rest CEE members regards Design Thinking and innovation but how it’s possible than in a country as Hungary they have such lack of technology and innovation?

In my personal opinion many hungarian companies are obsolete and they don’t know about it or simply they don’t want to hear about it, so just showing them how there competitors are doing you can convince them, so it was the same with Social Media a a couple of years ago and right now it’s starting with User-Experience and Design Thinking. Let me put you some questions: Do you remember how was the innovation regards Social Media a couple of years ago? How many people are using it right now? but Why? Just because if my competitors are using it I must to be there as well. With Design Thinking is going to be the same.

ris map Hello Hungary! Innovation is not an invention

Why not to be the first?

As far as I know SAP Hungary was the first one and right now Magyar Telekom (T-Mobile) is interested as well so I’m totally sure that Telenor and Vodafone are going to be the next ones adopting this method.

That’s the reason I would like to share with you that from my perspective “Innovation is not invention” as is the implementation of strategies to improve products, services, processes and systems to find a real need in the market while increasing competitiveness and productivity of enterprises. With innovation, companies can create new products and services, and understand better their users to compete in really difficult market existing in Hungary,  and  it’s no matter the line of business.

Finally I would like to add that we have recently created 2 groups for encouraging Design Thinking as:

Therefore it’s also possible to make a trial workshop with us and experience this method for free. Just contact us at:


Image source: http://ec.europa.eu

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