How to welcome the 2013 Sustainability Jam

tumblr mqqfs5DqO01qgu5b6o1 500 How to welcome the 2013 Sustainability Jam Was it not in the heydays of British punk that a punk band named the Clash recorded 48 hours.

A youth cry for a real life, taking place only in the weekend.

Those were the days of recession, mass-youth-employment and societal  transition.

Looking back now, most staggering point for me was that the action radius for any one of us who grew up in that era  was living in a limited physical space..

Growing up always causes pains.

May be it is therefore no surprise that in the 80’s and ’90’s form replaced that punk attitude and money became for many  a substitute for the passion in their youth.

Do not look back in anger.

These days are still full of societal transition and mass-youth-employment. (let’s skip the recession thing  because what’s going on is inherent to a mass transition and global shifts.) One of those shifts is the ability to surpass our geographical boundaries from town, our nations to self chosen communities. Thanks to the Internet technologies we are able to live outside the boundaries of our old towns, physical friends or relationships and even nations.

Talking about transitions. Let us praise  that Web 2.0 and social media were the internet developments of the last decade. With the rise of design thinking (or should one limit it to design) as the emergent managerial perspective. We became more and more ready to connect.

But what is the most important difference with that era?

Much more important, in my opinion is an improved level of consciousness. A mindset that evolved from reaction to creation

(some claim that there is a relationship  between the drug use in that era with that of today, but – as far as I am concerned –  I do not have any relevant experience).   Money –still relevant – competes with attitude and passion. And not surprisingly (we did survive the Great Financial Crisis and here in Europe the Euro-crisis)  -the latter two win more and more often. Call it social business, conscious capitalism or give it another sexy label.

I do not care (and you should either).tumblr mrwfe8GZ5v1r4977vo1 1280 How to welcome the 2013 Sustainability Jam

The seventies quote of the seventies was “Do it on your own”. In the early years of this century many of us were motivated by  “yes, we can”.

We should be eternally grateful to Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence who introduced the concept of  the Jam. A perfect blend has now become possible: a societal challenge, passion, the right mind set of an entrepreneur, your willingness to collaborate and our ability to connect on a global scale.   Let us be grateful. Service jams have become fine examples of our modern world.  And, in 2020 we probably will notice that some elements of the jams will be embedded in the mainstream of anyone’s organisational or professional life.

Which reminds me of another classic of that 70’s era: the Jams’s Modern World: this is a modern world; this is the modern world.

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