Lego Serious Play- new ways of problem solving

Lego Serious Play is defined as a powerful methodology to generate deep dialogues, a tool for collective construction which involves all of the team members to create ideas, connect them, identify strategies and produce significative solutions. It’s a strong and effective tool designed to enhance innovation and business performance.

I had the opportunity to experience personally a Lego Serious Play 2 hours Demo Workshop in Madrid organized by i-navitual with two excellent certificated facilitators; Teresa Solis and Carlos Martínez.

Habitually I work in multidisciplinary team and also work with different prototyping tools, but it was impressive how every lego brick has to be a meaning, a reason why is it used.

This tool is able to permit us that participants  be equals and can contribute for the project. At the same time it eases the process of respect the ideas of other team members, build on them and reflect on them. This is one of the key aspect of effective collaboration and co-creation which in a traditional work method results really difficult.

I don’t want to reveal the details of the demo, because I think the best way if you experiment it first-hand. Otherwise I would like to present you the result of one of the exercises. We received several photos of figures, we had to choose one of them and reconstruct it. After that we received the following instruction: Based on your figure build your ideal workmate. (You can see the result on the following image.)

lego compi Lego Serious Play  new ways of problem solving

Let me explain the key aspects of my ideal workmate.:

  • We function as a team so that’s why you can find me (left side) also as part of the figure.
  • We are equals that’s why we are on the same level.
  • The 2 gear wheels symbolize the effective collaboration, we speak the same language.
  • Our feet are positioned in different directions. We discover new ways instead of the traditional ones.
  • The eye symbolizes the fun factor in our teamwork. We like what we do and it gives us more motivation.
  • Big legs symbolize my professional career, including the evolution of my professional background (interior design->retail->service design

It was a nice first experience with Lego Serious Play and I still think that it is a powerful tool which can have really diverse use in different work areas as for example HR, Marketing, Design, Change Management or Innovation.

About Reka Barath

CEO & Service designer at Inspiration4

Retail designer and entrepreneur interested in brand-building and innovative solutions applying Design Thinking. My aim is to help companies to develop innovative and creative solutions for their current problem or challenge.
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