Rethink the pharmacy user experience

What are the first words that come to your mind when you think in a pharmacy? Illness or may be health? Drugs, herbal medicines? Staff in white uniform? To my mind comes a clean and clear space; transparency. In Hungary most of the pharmacies haven’t been renovated and still now they are conserving their traditional style. People’s needs are changing and if you want to maintain your presence in pharmaceutical sector, you have to innovate. So here is the big question: Shouldn’t we rethink the pharmacy user experience? That’s what Benu Pharmacy did, made the big step and redesigned their corporate image.

benu sugár1 1024x768 Rethink the pharmacy user experience

 Render by Inspiration4

We had the opportunity to work in various projects with Benu Pharmacy in Hungary. We helped them in the visualization of their new corporate design to make it more understandable for the pharmasists and explain them how will look like the renovated store.

We made a detailed opportunity research in order to detect new ways of innovation for pharmacy store window design. We elaborated  the conceptual design of store windows for pharmacy at Blaha Lujza square, Budapest.

The starting point was that the pharmacy is located under the arcades of a corner building. For the customers is really difficult to recognize it because of its location. It’s dark and doesn’t have enough visibility.

We broke with the traditional concept of the transparent pharmacy window and designed them a “brand window” using lighting cubes according to their clear and minimalist corporate image.


MG 5999 Rethink the pharmacy user experience


benu csillag bp 003 Rethink the pharmacy user experience

 Store window & display design by Inspiration4

For more image please follow the link: http://inspiration4.eu/?mtheme_portfolio=231

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