Summary from Global Service Jam Budapest 2014

Everything started in November 2013 when we organised the first jam in Budapest. It was a fantastic “first step” for Service Design in Hungary.

In January we met our partner , Szilárd Szakács to discuss the future of Global Jams in Hungary, we had to make a decision continue or stop. We are two enthusiastic designers, so the answer was clear for us, we should continue and make a movement! So that’s how we created Budapest Design Jams, a series of events to promote Service Design Thinking and bring together change makers in Budapest.

budapest service jam overview Summary from Global Service Jam Budapest 2014

A little bit more than one week ago, on March 7, people interested in a design-based approach to creativity met at more than 100 locations all over the globe. They worked together in teams for 48 hours to create real-world ideas which can make a difference while being linked to other jammers all over the world. It was the first time that the Global Service Jam had a hungarian chapter with almost 40 enthusiastic participants from different professional backgrounds and different countries. They had the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of Service Design Thinking and put them into practice and combine it with their profesional experience, skills and talent.

On 7th of March at 18:30 we revealed the secret theme of the jam which was a big surprise for the participants, it was the first time that participants received a draw instead of a word. After that we started to work in six teams trying to define what does it mean for us this draw? It was an intensive weekend, but we learnt a lot from each other, met amazing and talented open-minded people, had a lot of fun, became  “push the rubber chicken” addicts, worked in team, explored, brainstormed, prototyped a lot, presented our projects, got new friends and yes this time also we played the ninja game.

prototype Summary from Global Service Jam Budapest 2014

It was amazing to observe the process. We had the same starting point, but the final projects were so diverses: Give & Get, Story Box, Co-Skill, VisualEco, Toy2Toy and Lost & Found.

If you lost the first Budapest Service Jam, don’t worry beacuse there will be more events like this in the future. Stay tuned and join our Service Design Community in Budapest.

I would like to say a special thanks for the fantastic organizer team: Szilárd Szakács (UX designer, Cason), Judit Boros (Product Service System Designer, Kitchen Budapest), Panni Pais (Designer, founder of Cellux Group), Bori Kovács (freelance designer, Cókmók), Fanni Csernátony (Product designer, Cellux Group), Emese Balikó (Design Thinking Coach, SAP) and Boglárka Baráth (Media, Inspiration4).

Thank you so much guys for your hard work and support!

Special thanks for Kitchen Budapest for the inspirating venue of the event.


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Retail designer and entrepreneur interested in brand-building and innovative solutions applying Design Thinking. My aim is to help companies to develop innovative and creative solutions for their current problem or challenge.
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