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Lego Serious Play- new ways of problem solving

Lego Serious Play is defined as a powerful methodology to generate deep dialogues, a tool for collective construction which involves all of the team members to create ideas, connect them, identify strategies and produce significative solutions. It’s a strong and effective tool designed to enhance innovation and business performance. I had the opportunity to experience [...]


Summary from Global Service Jam Budapest 2014

Everything started in November 2013 when we organised the first jam in Budapest. It was a fantastic “first step” for Service Design in Hungary. In January we met our partner , Szilárd Szakács to discuss the future of Global Jams in Hungary, we had to make a decision continue or stop. We are two enthusiastic [...]


Branding through Social Media and Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a creative method that can serve us for solving complex problems within our own company. The success of this method consist in achieving better results with a multidisciplinary team which is focused in different kind of fields instead of one or more professionals with the same profile. It’s based on the idea [...]