Why jam if I am a startupper or business owner?

Budapest Sustainability Jam is a face-to-face, high-energy, global design event where you have 48 hours to save the world.

COOL! Sounds great, but is it only for designers?

No. The jam is a once in a life time opportunity to team up with passionate people from NGOs, startups, SMEs, multinationals, design, education etc. to tackle Budapest’s complex environmental problem, which otherwise could not be solved alone!

 berlin Why jam if I am a startupper or business owner?

Source: Berlin Service Jam

Why should I go?

1. Sustainability=Hot topic

Nowadays sustainability is a hot topic not only in our private life, also in the business life. A “nice-to-do” which transformed in a “must-to-do”. It’s a good opportunity to be connected with people, learn from each other and change experience. Of course, not only form Budapest, Global Sustainability Jam is a worldwide community. Be part of it!

2. Networking

In the jam the best things that you can meet people from different sectors with different backgrounds and experience. You will work with them in multidisciplinary groups. Bring your business card and build your network! Pitch your project and ask for a feedback!

3. Business collaboration

When we start a new collaboration in our company with a new partner is always a little bit risky. How can we work together? How will work the communication between us? That’s why the jam is opportunity to test new collaborations, because is a “doing, not talking event”, but you don’t risk your business.

4. Human-centred innovation methodology

You can experiment in a real project how Design Thinking works. Why integrate stakeholders, users in our projects from the first moment? What are the advantages of a multidisciplinary collaboration? Why are so important empathy and visual thinking?

5. Go outside the box

It’s not so easy for everybody to go outside a box, but it something what we should practice! Many times from the most crazy ideas come out final solutions! Leave your comfort zone for this weekend!

OK! I’m in, but I don’t have a whole weekend for it. icon sad Why jam if I am a startupper or business owner?

No problem, we have a special Saturday Jammer ticket for busy people. icon wink Why jam if I am a startupper or business owner?

Check out ticket options on Eventbrite!

See you there! icon smile Why jam if I am a startupper or business owner?

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